Day: August 16, 2017

I'm sitll hur

Paid Leave

Hello again! I’m back after a few days of being off. Yes, I am completely fine. No, I haven’t abandoned you, loyal readers. I’ve just been working a LOT. And I mean a LOT. They might be finally promoting me. Who knows. But it turns out that there is a lot to go on before they can put you into anything higher than grunt!burger

Interesting little thing happened the other day that was completely bizarre. It turns out we all were locked out of our store for about twenty minutes before my boss called the wonderful gentleman at Cincinnati locksmith! They drove right over in a way that suggests time travel and opened the front door for us no problem. I am forever in their debt.

Once we got the training began. I was responsible for closing everyone’s tills and making sure out Drive thru was spotless. Which was great because the grease always needs to be picked up which always gives me the opportunity to clean more! I am very lucky to be in a positon that causes me to be cleaning as opposed to the one making all of the messes.

In other news, I’ve been working ten-hour shifts there and catching up on this gorgeous new show called Bojack Horseman. I’m not all the way caught up with the show but it is a fantastic show, and I dig it. I highly suggest everyone here watch it.

I’ve also started a new diet. It’s the DASH diet for those who know! It’s endorsed by the US government and created by the people who balance the nutrition system out and designed the food pyramid. If there’s anyone I can trust to make a functioning and operational diet. It’s the US Government and the DASH diet.

Aside from all of that, you’re pretty much caught up with my life. I haven’t had the chance to do much else other than working, eating and watching Bojack. At least two of these options are progressive enough that I can safely do it and not have my health affected by it.

I’ve been thinking about picking up some other skills. Instead of just sitting down and typing for the rest of my life. I mean all I do is sit down watch tv, eat food and then make food at my job. I want adventure. I want more from my life! I think I want to pick up sword fighting or something. I don’t know. I want tfightingo do something amazing, truly off the wall. I want to get in shape and become the best version of me that I can be.

After I finish Bojack Horseman. I don’t know anymore. I know that I want to do great things, but it’s like my brain won’t let me pursue it. I’d rather just hang out at home and do nothing. But I wish that I could be great at something instead of be average and do nothing. Who knows, maybe I’ll pick up crocheting or something.