Have you ever a moment in your life that was so epiphanies you thought you were dreaming? I had that moment today at work. It was the most surreal moment in my life, and I don’t regret a single moment of it.floor

There I was at work. Minding my business when from around the corner by the register seaps this clear, liquid, oozing its way to me. Both I and the customer just stared at it for a moment before some lady let out a yelp and said that our bathrooms were flooded. For some reason, I just could not comprehend what I saw in that moment, and I just disregarded reality for a moment.

I just stood there, and that’s what got me the most. I dream about things like these, strange moments that require someone no other than me. But here I was staring at this giant pool of water, and I just could not even think about what to do. Luckily the manager was there, but I was only told what she did. Apparently, she called the local plumbers Dave 21.

They had snuck in and just so quickly cleaned everything up, billed us and fixed the entire area. I was in awe of them. I don’t want to be stuck flipping burgers and cashing out ungrateful customers. I want to be practicing a trade! I want to be going out and getting better at something, anything. These guys who aren’t even getting paid that much more than me can actually solve problems and do things that are completely out of my element.

I gave my card to the guy who told me he’d pass it off to his boss (presumably Dave), but I just got so excited. I want to be anything other than this. A Plumber, locksmith, lumberjack. I don’t know man; I just want to work with my hands and do things without the influence of people. I want to be able to go out and make a name for myself and become so great at one of these trades that they write about me for bacon

So you know what I did? I gave them back their black apron and I said “That’s it! I quit! I’m going to be something better than this! I’m done with this place!” then I stayed and ordered a baconator. It might not have been the best decision but I’ve never really had the chance to try one despite working there for so long. I kept putting it on my ‘to-do’ list when I was there and it felt good to actually try it.

Not to detract from the point I’m trying to make with this blog post but if you get the chance to try the baconator, I highly recommend it. IT’s like someone just decided to turn all of the vegetables on a sandwich into Bacon. It’s super delicious and I think I can maybe eat one a year because it is also super fatty. But oh my god is it delicious.