Hey there, I’m Jason Marson and this is my blog Critical Genetics. I’m a recovering scribomaniac and have found that typing and maintaining a blog has been able to really help me overcome my condition. This is the same condition that caused my mother to go crazy, duct tape her hands to her hips and run into traffic. While I may have a healthier mindset regarding the condition, I would also like to do my best to avoid it.

Anyway, I’m always available to chat so shoot me an e-mail or hit me up on Twitter if you’d like to talk about stuff. I am usually gone from 9-5 to my other job. I’m a line cook at a local Wendy’s, it’s a bit hard being a vegetarian but it pays the bills and it keeps my hand busy. You know what they say about the devil finding work for idle hands? Remember my mom with the traffic? I don’t think there was a lot of angel in her on that day and I’d like to stay firmly grounded on Earth. So Please, shoot me an e-mail, ask me how I’m doing and I’ll talk to you about whatever I find out. I’m a Wikipedia addict and love sharing new things that I’ve learned and hopefully you can share something with me!