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First Post

Hello there! My name is Jason Marson and this is my new blog called Critical Genetics. It’s a reference to the fact that my mother had scribomania and it made her kill herself and now I have scribomania but I’m still alive. Some people think that there might be a problem with it but I am not of the opinion! I shall overcome!

I grew up with two friends, Gary and Greg, and together we were Gary and Greg and Jason. Which was not the sort of thing you wanted to be dared to saying five times fast. Anyways, we all grew up in the small town of Athens Georgia, except now I live in Wisconsin, Gary lives in Florida (psycho) and Greg lives in Boston. While we don’t get to see each other that often I haven’t seen one since last year and another since two months ago.

When I went and saw Greg two months ago, he remarked about how much weight I had gained, not my favorite opening sentiment so I called him a jerk and kicked him in the shins. He made it up to me by purchasing dinner for me when we went out to the local longhorn steakhouse. He had a steak and I had a salad with salmon. Who knew a steakhouse made fish?

Next I saw Gary a year ago and that was the last time either Greg or I had ever heard of him. We went out and he seemed very bothered about the local weather. The man was practically breaking out in hives and worried sick about crocodiles eating him or something like that. I went home afterwards and looked up the difference between them and gators but I think I would have a safer time with the gator. He had pancakes and I had waffles, though he neither finished his meal or started it.

Outside of those two events, I have a full family that I don’t talk to anymore, my father and sister still live in Georgia but we’ve just become estranged. It’s not out of spite, we just have all become very self-involved in our lives. My sister is trying to be a writer and wishes she had scribomania. However, I just write this blog.Part of what helps me stay on rhythm and stay caught up with my hands is Trance Music. I love trance music more than I love anything and I like to think that I live a Trance lifestyle. If you dig that sort of thing then check out my favorite site Trance Life. Probably to keep my hands busy over anything else.

I like where I live now. Wisconsin tends to be pretty quiet. Plus in the winter when it’s cold it lets me think that my hands are shaking because of the weather and not my condition. But I want to let you know right now dear reader. That I am not writing this blog for you. I’m writing it for me. It helps me. I like keeping my hands busy and I like writing about whatever comes to my head because while I’m here and doing this, I don’t have to worry about the trembling that will come after or have to think about what ended up happening to my mother. If you’d like to chat and help me stay busy for a little bit, visit the contact page and send me an e-mail.