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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

movingI suppose to progress with this blog I have to explain how we got here, not that there is anything to explain or account for in that regards. Well, to explain how we got to where we are (we being me, Gary and Greg of course.) We should tell how we departed. When we were all twenty we decided it was time to move, this was of course back when you could afford to move out before the economy went to hell. That is the splendid time of 2009, which was right after Obama had been elected president.

Well, it was quite simple. We agreed to leave, and we did, we didn’t know we were all going to be leaving each other. So Greg just picked up his things and left, and I’m told his car broke down just as he arrived at his house (lucky man.) Gary found this local moving company with outstanding online reviews and hired them instantly. DeVries Relocation gave him a quote, a moving checklist, packed all of his items – ya know, the whole shebang. He told me that after he got there, they were already unpacking his appliances, weight-lifting equipment, and personal effects, which is a complimentary service that they offer or something. I’m not sure; I just remember the both of us being jealous and upset at the same time. As for me, I just followed after Greg to a point until we both parted ways. He went East, and I kept going north.

Tornado AlleyI passed this region that was called Tornado Alley, which Wikipedia tells me is where the most tornadoes happen in the entire world because of low barometric pressure and hot weather. When you combine those two little diddy’s you end up with twisters that have a tendency of ravaging homes, I took that as a red flag and went just north to where the cool breezes are. I’m set to live the rest of my life here. Maybe one day I’ll manage a Wendy’s I don’t know.

Wendys-LogoAnyway, I saved up my money from my jobs at the library and moved into a studio apartment which means I can use the restroom and make dinner at the same time (efficient!), So I’ve been living there ever since, and it is now 2016. I’ve been working at the same Wendy’s the entire time, and it’s funny because I tend to have very jerky limbs and always keep moving but at the same time I feel like I’ve been staying the same the whole time.

I’ve never been promoted yet, but apparently, I’ve hit the maximum amount of times they’re willing to give someone a raise. So up next has to be a promotion I guess, but that was a year ago, and it really could be any day now. I just clock in, punch numbers in a machine or flip burgers for a few hours and punch out. I suppose I could go to school, but I’m afraid that I don’t want to. I mean that literally, I get afraid that I don’t think I’ll ever find something that I’ll want to do with my life.