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Running for Charity

Hey again! As part of my quest to find adventure and get in shape, I’m gonna start running. Seems to me that my future sword fighting adventures will go better if I can run really fast and get away from the other person with a sword.


First, I decided I needed a new running shirt. As proud survivor of scribomania, I want to show the world how I have overcome this affliction. Not just overcome it, but thriving with it. See my blog, read my roar, watch me run. But I needed a special t-shirt for that.

So, I did a search to see if I could find a charity t-shirt about scribomania. With what I have suffered and had to overcome because of my mother’s scribomania, there should be charity devoted to helping people with it. Or least, to help me continue to thrive despite it. Flipping burgers is just not cutting anymore.

Guess what? I could not find a “help scribomania survivors” t-shirt of any kind. Not one with a ribbon picture or puzzle piece or a pencil or just those words. I tried messaging Greg but he may still be dead. I talked to Gary and he told me about websites that will help you design a t-shirt.

So, I searched and found Charitees. This was awesome and I designed my “help scribomania survivors” shirt.

The graphics were hard to figure out. Did I want a pencil? Maybe a pen? Maybe both? But then again, I type on a computer. What to do? So, I created a cool looking, tornado like image with pens, pencils, keyboards, and monitors. It was so cool, I craved a frosty.

The shirt arrived and it is time for my first run for the cause of scribomania! I pulled on my running shorts. Yikes, those were a little tight. I stepped outside and felt the chill of a Wisconsin summer afternoon. I headed out, needing the exercise to warm up a bit. It felt good to run. Well, jog at least. I was trying to think of how to get to the nearest park when I heard a honk. I stopped. The car nearly hit me. The driver flipped me off and tore away. I was so mad and wanted to flip him back but I was already too winded to lift my right arm. More honking so I trotted to the other side of the street.

2016I had been in the crosswalk but forgot to check the traffic light. My bad. A woman walking by with an infant stroller stared at my shirt. I smiled at her. Her brow furrowed and she quickly crossed the street. What just happened? I looked at my design and decided she was a poop head. Not to be discouraged, I started to jog in the direction of the park. Careful to watch for traffic signs, I kept on.

See, being able to run away is a good thing. Though, I wondered what he charged. And I wondered if he charged more or less than Greg did. I missed my buddy. I almost turned around to talk to that dude but he had missed the mark with my message.

I slowed down as I hit the dirt at the park. Some kids were playing on the monstrous set of slides, climbing walls, stairs and walk-way things. My body hurt just thinking about crawling on that stuff. To cool down I walked around the play area. A few kids who were digging in the dirt looked up at me. “Hey Mister, is that a write-nado on your shirt?” They giggled. What I wanted to say I couldn’t say to kids. A few moms eyed me with cold shark eyes. I shook my head and moved toward the boys. Pointing to my chest, I told them it was about scribomania. Behind me, I heard the moms grumble about weird strangers. Instinct took over and I ran away. I really needed a frosty.